Once upon a time, Luke Hemmings was happily dating Arzaylea Rodriguez, but their love story came to a screeching, dramatic halt for the rocky couple around April of 2017 after reports surfaced she had cheated on the 5 Seconds of Summer singer. While fans were obviously quick to rally around Luke, Arzaylea has now decided it is time to share her side of the story and well, things are getting VERY complex. Accusations are flying around Twitter and Instagram, but she simply wants everyone to know that neither she nor Luke was perfect. She just so happens to be calling him out and everyone he associates/ is friends with in the process too.

OK, so let's dig in here. It all began with Arzaylea left a not so nice comment on a photo Luke shared on IG and in the comments section is where she went off. She said she wants to let the world know she's been dealing with all of this pain for a year and while she has made mistakes, he has too, including cheating on her and she's claiming he hangs out with racist people and he uses his drugs, which is not something you casually say about someone.

arzaylea ig comment 1

She also claims she has proof Michael Clifford's girlfriend Crystal Leigh was the one behind a scathing Twitter and Tumblr account that exposed details about her, aryzaleatheory.

arzaylea ig comment 2

Crystal took to her own Twitter account though to sound-off on this whole situation, sending out a rather interesting message about revenge and how a person can end up making themselves look in the process of "getting back" at someone else.

Crystal went on to say she tried to simply be friends with Arzaylea at one point too.

Very interesting. Alright, now back to what else Arzaylea decided to spill. The model also sent out an, even more, OMG-worthy comment, exposing that Luke and those he's friends with are not what everyone thinks.

arzaylea ig comment 3

She made a promise to spill all the tea soon.

arzaylea ig comment 4

Now that is a lot to process. The drama continued on Twitter where Arzaylea shared a poem she wrote that we're 99.9% sure is about her and Luke and their relationship. "The beginning of the end," she tweeted along with the poem, which might mean she's done spilling the tea now, or perhaps that's just the name of this poem that appears to be about the moment things started to go downhill for the pair.

While it is beautifully written, this poem obviously paints a rather dark picture of their tortured love story.

She then replied back to a fan who wasn't happy Arzaylea was putting all this information out into the world. "just leave Luke alone. The fact that you could ever think luke is in anyway homophobic/ sexist/ racist is the most disgusting thing," the fan tweeted at her.

OK, so she's saying she didn't mean Luke exactly, but his friends and people he hangs out (like his bandmates??) aren't the best people.

This is just so much to process. And it seems another girl from the 5SOS boys' past is maybe sharing her side too. Bryana Holly, the model who used to date Ashton Irwin, tweeted her own thoughts that could easily be a response to what Arzaylea has been sharing.

Granted, there are a ton of terrible things going on in the world right now, so this could be about the news in general. But there are screenshots fans took of two other tweets she apparently sent out that have since been deleted, where she is defending the boys and Crystal against Arzaylea's accusations.

THE DRAMA. Well, what does Luke have to say about all of this? He hasn't directly commented on anything his ex has said about his, but he did post a pic on Instagram of a show 5SOS just played writing, "This is all that matters ❤️☝️ " in the caption.

So looks like he's staying out it all too, at least for right now. He was spotted holding hands with model Nadia Mejia, perhaps already happy in a new relationship. Time will tell but we're not entirely sure if Arzaylea is done sharing her story just yet.

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