Big news! Maxton Hall – The World Between Us has clinched the title of the most-watched International Original Series ever on Prime Video.

To celebrate, the first episode will be up for grabs for free on YouTube starting Wednesday, June 5, up until June 18, 2024.  Plus, mark your calendars because it will also be available on Freevee from Friday, June 7, and onwards.

For those who haven’t caught up yet, season 1 of Maxton Hall premiered in May 2024, and immediately became a smash hit. The German romance series smashed records after boasting the largest first-week global viewership for an International Original in Prime Video history, while also claiming the title of the most-watched first week of any non-US Original title on Prime Video.

Additionally, season 2 of the series has officially been greenlit, with Damian Hardung and Harriet Herbig-Matten reprising their roles as James and Ruby. As the show is actually based off the book trilogy Save Me by Mona Kasten, season 2 will follow along with the second book in the series.

The show follows Ruby (Harriet), who inadvertently stumbles upon a scandalous secret at Maxton Hall private school, leading the cocky heir to a vast fortune, James Beaufort (Damian), entangled with the sharp-witted scholarship student, for better or for worse. Thus begins James’s attempts to purchase Ruby’s silence, igniting a compelling power struggle between them.

“In the second book, it’s really dark for James. We’ve talked about his mom dying, and he’s really going through those dark places,” Damian teased to TV Insider. “As much as that is great stuff to reenact, I feel so much more fear than joy thinking about a second season to actually have to portray that because that would just entail so much pain to go through.”

However, despite the hurdles, Damian is confident that the couple can make it through.

“I hope that the message of the show really holds up. When there’s love, there’s nothing in between that can stop them. They can overcome those obstacles that they have and the circumstances to actually be able to be together.”

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