If you’ve binge-watched Maxton Hall (and then watched it again x3), you’re probably looking for any inkling of the German romance series in your every day life — whether its obsessively looking up the actors behind the characters, their dating lives, and maybe even the music behind the Prime Video show! We decided to make the last one easier for you, and compiled the complete soundtrack to the show that has changed so many lives.

Keep reading for Maxton Hall’s official soundtrack.

Episode 1

“Victory Lap” by David Baluteau & Justin Shannon
“Wild Heart” by CATT
“All I Need” by Jake Bugg
“Keep On” by Olivia Dean
“Do You Miss Me Tonight?” by Tim Garland
“Missile” by Dorothy

Episode 2

“Song 2” by Blur
“You Have My Heart” by Luke Rowe
“Tender Goodbye” by Steve Carter
“Make You Believe: by Andrea Christina Obeid & Henry Parsley
“Better Things To Do” by Jamie Dunlap, Scott Nickoley & Stephen Lang
“Join The Movement” by Andrew R Cooper & Joshua Alan Barlow
“Estivale” by Maxime Pierre Guy Henry Deprez, Michael Andre Tordjman & Louis Maxime Arnaud Huguenin
“Where’s My Love? (Acoustic Version)” by SYML

Episode 3

“Just Like This” by Henry Parsley & Mo Brandis
“Where’s My Love?” by SYMLSupersonic by Thomas Edward Slinger
“Golden Swagger” by Dominic Glover, Gary James Crockett & Jay Glover
“Moth to a Flame” by Swedish House Mafia & The Weekend
“The Love I Give” by Rhodes
“Yeah Yeah” by Calvin K. Samuel, Josh Kessler & Marcel Parker Atteen
“California Boys” by Eddy Gronfier, Kimberly Lundy & Walter Taieb/
“I Found” by Amber Run

Episode 4

“Acoustic” by Billy Raffoul
“Tidal Wave (Acoustic): by Old Sea Brigade
“Born 2B Free” by Ben Cina & Zachery Aaron Golden

Episode 5

“Every High” by Kyson
“Born 2B Free” by Ben Cina & Zachery Aaron Golden
“Go Solo” by Tom Rosenthal
“Sea Of Love” by Eli Riccardi

Episode 6

“Walk” by Griff
“Bon Voyage” by Jacopo Tittarelli Rubboli & Nico ChamCP
“Gimme More” by James Driscoll & Luke Adams
“We All Wanna Be Famous” by Colin FraserBrave by Riley Pearce
“Every High” by Kyson
“Run Like a River (Maxton Hall Remix)” by Jamica
“November” by Mari Samuelsen, Konzerthausorchester Berlin, Jonathan Stockhammer

Original music from the series composed by production duo “Songs in Cinema”
(Victoria Hillestad and Julian Erhard):

“High Life”
“Here Comes the King”
“Ruby in a Rush”
“Ruby’s Dreams”
“First and Last”
“James’ Suspension”
“Charming Rivalry”
“The Flagship Store”
“Romance Interrupted”
“Feels Like Home”
“Young Beaufort”
“A Secret Place”
“Graham’s Declaration – WTF ?!”
“Under Water”
“Let Down”
“In Between Two Worlds”
“Let Down”

All six episodes of Maxton Hall are out on Prime Video now, but don’t worry — season 2 is currently in the works.

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