Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Maxton Hall has become one of our fav series to come out of 2024 — and with season 2 currently underway, fans are so excited to see more of Ruby Bell (Harriet Herbig-Matten), and James Beaufort’s (Damian Hardung) love story. The German Prime Video show is based on the Save Me trilogy by Mona Kasten, with season 1 following pretty closely to the plot of the first book. So, what can we expect for season 2? We at J-14 broke down what happens in the second book of the series, and what you can most likely expect from season 2 — keep reading for spoilers (if you dare).

What Happens In the Second ‘Maxton Hall’ Book?

Continuing right from where Save Me left off, Save You delves deeper into the complicated romance between Ruby and James. Their relationship faces a severe test while James grapples with the death of his mother, which ultimately leads to him kissing another girl at a party. Ruby, heartbroken, makes the painful decision to walk away.

But the pull between them is undeniable, and James embarks on a journey to prove his commitment to Ruby. He rejoins the decorating committee to try and win her back, while Ruby starts to become closer to James’ sister Lydia, who is pregnant with Mr. Sutton’s child.

Just as Ruby and James seem to find solid ground, a series of devastating revelations shakes their world. Ruby’s acceptance to Oxford should be a triumph, however, it’s overshadowed as she is anonymously and wrongfully accused to be in an affair with Mr. Sutton after photos of what looks to be the two kissing surfaces.

As Ruby’s expulsion from Maxton Hall jeopardizes her future, James’s involvement in the scandal threatens to unravel their relationship once again.

What Has the ‘Maxton Hall’ Cast Said of Season 2?

As the second novel has James in a pretty dark place following his mother’s death and his strained relationship with his father, the actor behind the character says he’s a bit nervous to film the second season.

“In the second book, it’s really dark for James. We’ve talked about his mom dying, and he’s really going through those dark places,” he teased to TV Insider. “As much as that is great stuff to reenact, I feel so much more fear than joy thinking about a second season to actually have to portray that because that would just entail so much pain to go through.”

However, despite the hurdles, Damian is confident that the couple can make it through.

“I hope that the message of the show really holds up. When there’s love, there’s nothing in between that can stop them. They can overcome those obstacles that they have and the circumstances to actually be able to be together.”

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