From ZOMBIES actor to superstar! Disney Channel fans have watched Milo Manheim grow up on screen, but he’s always been tall. Keep reading for more details about the heartthrob’s height.

How Tall Is Milo Manheim?

In September 2018, the actor confirmed that he’s “like 6-foot-3.”

“I was in the circus for about two to three years,” he told Just Jared Jr. at the time. “I’m a tall guy.”

What Has Milo Manheim Said About His Height?

While he hasn’t said much about being tall, the actor did note his height while recounting his time in the circus.

“My friend was short for his age then. Now, he’s about 5-foot-5, but he was much smaller when he was in the circus,” Milo recalled to Just Jared Jr. “It was hilarious and impressive too. I would just throw him up in the air and it was just crazy.”

The Disney Channel star added, “They were these huge plastic balls. I could jump rope and juggle on them … that was my thing. It was fun. It was touring and having fun with friends.”

Other than his former circus partner, Milo towers over tons of his costars — including Meg Donnelly. However, that never stopped them from becoming best friends when the ZOMBIES cameras stopped rolling.

“I feel like it’s, like, we picked up where we left off. There’s no experience like this. I don’t think anything in my life is gonna top how exciting shooting these movies are. So, it was just a blessing to be back with everybody and especially Meg, shooting with you again,” told J-14 exclusively in July 2022 about shooting the film alongside his real-life BFF. “Me and Meg’s relationship has gotten a lot stronger, you know, of course we hit it off in the beginning, but now Meg is one of my best friends.”

Of course, Milo is also close with his other ZOMBIES costars — Ariel Martin, Chandler Kinney and Pearce Joza, among others — and he’s way taller than them as well! From the look of it, he might just be the tallest member of the film’s cast. Scroll through our gallery to see photos of Milo towering over other stars. 

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