It’s the reunion longtime Drake & Josh fans had been waiting for. Miranda Cosgrove totally surprised her former TV brother Josh Peck, making this the first time they had seen each other in nearly five years. And it was simply EVERYTHING.

So here’s what went down: Vlogger David Dobrik, who Josh often films YouTube videos with, sent the 25-year-old actress a DM on Twitter, asking if she would appear in one of his videos. She happily replied and the plan to surprise Josh was on. David gave Josh a baby gift — since the 31-year-old actor and his wife Paige are expecting their first child — and then told Josh the present was from his sister. Instantly, Josh knew that meant Miranda, forever his Megan, was there. And he was so excited to see her!

Miranda Surprises Josh

They shared many adorable hugs. It has been years since they last saw each other after all! And Miranda admitted she didn’t even have Josh’s number.

Miranda and Josh Hug

He went on to jokingly apologize for not inviting Miranda to his wedding and thanked her for not tweeting about it, totally calling out their other TV brother Drake Bell. As we all remember, the 32-year-old took to Twitter to vent his feelings about not getting an invite to Josh’s big day, but the guys have since made up and are totally cool now. Josh truly was oh so happy to see Miranda, though.

“Why do you look like a grown-up? This is weird, I’m having a very brotherly moment,” he said. And then Miranda just had to take us back to her Megan prankster roots. She handed Josh another gift that ended up being a pie in the face.

Josh Peck Pie In the Face

ICONIC. But what made this even better was the fact that Josh said right into the camera, “Megan!” literally making us feel like we were watching an episode of Drake & Josh.

Josh Megan

Seriously getting hit with all. the. feels. right now. Let’s hope they don’t wait another four to five years until they see each other again! Feel like Drake is going to want in on a full reunion with the three siblings sometime soon…

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