Uh oh, some people are not not happy with Niall Horan! On Wednesday, January 8, the former One Direction member made a surprise appearance in Justin Bieber‘s Instagram Live video. When asked about his thoughts on Justin’s new single, Niall admitted that he has yet to listen to “Yummy.”

Although the live video has since been deleted, some social media users were quick to capture the surprising moment which showed Niall on a golf course while talking to Justin, who revealed he just landed back in Los Angeles.

“Did you stream ‘Yummy’ yet?” the Purpose singer asked Niall. He replied, “No. I was just about to actually. No, I haven’t.”

“Son of an onion,” Justin hilariously said after hearing the “Flicker” singer had yet to hear his new tune.

The two continued to have a brief conversation before ending the Instagram Live.

Most fans on social media seemed super excited to see a familiar face in Justin’s Instagram video, but others were upset that he joined the stream — especially when they found out he didn’t listen to the song. Twitter users called out the singer for his accidental shade of “Yummy.”

“The way Justin said he misses him and Niall just said I know, and that he hasn’t even streamed the song,” a fan wrote with another adding, “Justin Bieber just went live with Niall to ask him if he’s listened to his new song and Niall was like ‘..not yet'”

Then Niall congratulates him on Yummy but NEVER compliments the song once,” one other Twitter user said.

Despite all the social media backlash, Justin didn’t seem to mind that Niall hadn’t listened. Before the stream was over, Niall even promised Justin that he was going to “buy the song on iTunes and then cry himself to sleep.”

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