NMIXX is back! The K-pop girl group known for their experimental sound called ‘MIXX POP’ is set to make their 2024 return — and we can hardly wait.

Keep reading for details on their January 2024 comeback. 

When Does NMIXX’s 2nd EP Get Released?

The girl group’s 2nd EP, titled Fe304: BREAK, is set for release on January 15, 2024. They dropped their pre-release single “Run For Roses” on January 8, and their single “DASH” in January 15.

ICYMI, NMIXX debuted with their song “O.O” in February 22, 2022. Consisting of LilySullyoonHaewonJiwooKyujin and BAE, member Jinni left the group in December 2022.

“I felt an immediate connection with NMIXX,” Lily said of the group’s friendship during an interview with Teen Vogue in 2023. “I feel like our team was pretty good from the start. We never had any big fights, even when we were trainees. Sometimes, maybe I can go too far and say things when I probably should be more quiet,” she laughed, adding, “I’m still working on that!”

Along with their stellar vocals and colorful visuals, NMIXX’s unique sound has become one of their biggest identifiers and feats, in a genre that can often be oversaturated.

“As more fans listen to NMIXX’s MIXX POP and seeing them adapting to MIXX POP ensures me that we are doing a good job,” Haewon told Elle Magazine in November 2022.

On top of that, the group is full of extremely talented members who have been training for this for years.

“I think the secret to why NMIXX is the best team ever is because we all have that base,” Lily told NME. “We all have the basics: all of us had a long training period, we can all dance, we can all sing and we all have charms. Then, most importantly, on top of that we have our own different traits. For example, Bae has her vocal tone and then Sullyoon has her soft, beautiful vocal tone. And we each have our different charms on top of the basic skills. I also think our chemistry is very good as a team when we come together. So that’s why I’m sure a lot of people can relate to us as well when they see our videos.”

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