Don’t get Noah Centineo wrong – he loves his fans to death, but sometimes lines can be crossed. The To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser star opened up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! about how he was seriously scared while being chased by fans. And who could blame him?

Noah said, “I had this one experience. I went to New York just for some work, and I was at baggage claim and I had my headphones on. And I was just like waiting for my bag to come out. And then I feel a presence approach me  – and without even knowing, I had to sidestep and like take my headphones off. And there’s like four people looking at me. And I was like ‘Hi,’ and they were like ‘Hey, how was your flight?’ And I was like, ‘It was good, how was yours?’ And they were like, ‘Oh no no, we didn’t fly. We’re here for you.'”

Noah totally couldn’t believe that they found out his travel information.

“They somehow knew I was flying into JFK and the time I was going there. They parked in the same place where the driver parked, so they walked us to the car, and then they followed us into the city. And when we got into the city, I was like, there’s totally people following us,” the 22-year-old star explained. “It was actually kind of scary.”

Despite the fact that the whole thing was slightly frightening, he did clear things up with the fans who stalked him.

“There’s a beautiful full circle to the story because I went back a second time to the same airport for a different round of press, and they were there again, the same people – except they added another person. So I walk up to them, and I’m like ‘Hi, hi guys’ and they’re ‘Hey, we want to apologize,’ and we talked it out. I was like, ‘Look, I love your love. I love the fact you care about me and you show up here, and that’s fantastic, just don’t follow me. The rest is cool, just don’t follow me.’ They said goodbye, and I said goodbye, and then I just walked away.”

So there you have it! If you ever run into Noah – saying ‘hi’ is cool, but stalking isn’t.

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