Spilling the tea! Noah Schnapp shared some Stranger Things season 4 secrets following the major announcement that new episodes would premiere at some point in 2022.

The 17-year-old Netflix star spoke exclusively with J-14 about what fans can expect from his character, Will Byers, while promoting his new snack brand, TBH. While he couldn’t say much about what’s to come as the Byers’ family (and Millie Bobby Brown‘s Eleven) have officially left Hawkins, Indiana for sunny California, Noah did drop some major hints about why season 4 will be “the best one yet.”

“This season, Will is coping with growing up, as usual, and dealing with being a third wheel,” the actor explained. “He has to learn how to live with this new family in this new environment.”

On November 4 — otherwise known as Stranger Things Day — Netflix dropped the first look at Will and his family as they adjust to life in California. The short clip teased “the best Spring Break ever” while giving a glimpse at what’s to come. Noah told J-14: “I loved the group I got to work with, and am very lucky to have such an amazing team by my side.”

As his character Will is adjusting to life in California, Noah also adjusted to a new way of filming for season 4. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, things were a little different on the Stranger Things set.

“The first day back was a big change!” he recalled. “We had to get used to the masks, goggles and testing, but I fell right back into it very quickly and had the most fun yet filming this season.”

Filming has since come to an end, but Noah said the cast is “always laughing together,” especially when they pull major pranks on each other. Noah said, “On our last day, Millie brought in a Mariachi band to play for us which was awesome.”

As expected, Noah said he had a “blast” filming Stranger Things season 4 but is “very excited for the future.” Aside from his upcoming acting projects, the Hubie Halloween star launched his very own “better-for-you” snack, TBH, earlier this month.

Noah Schnapp Teases Will Byer’s Storyline in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4: ‘It’s the Best One Yet’
Courtesy of TBH

“Our whole mission centers around transparency and sustainability,” he explained to J-14. “Our hazelnut cocoa spread is vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and kosher, and has three times more protein and 50 percent less sugar than other hazelnut spreads on the market. Most importantly, we use absolutely no palm oil. With TBH, we want to redefine snacking habits and deliver a new take on our favorite childhood snacks.”

Noah gushed that TBH “combines my passion for snacking and my passion for the environment.” He was able to create something “that I could feel good about eating.” Noah’s favorite way to eat TBH? He loves pairing it with a piece of toast. He shared: “Whether I’m just starting my day or need a quick snack to get me through filming, TBH and toast is the perfect pairing.”

From the sound of it, the end of 2021 into 2022 is looking like it’s going to be a busy year for the star. Especially since graduation is on the horizon along with other projects. Noah gushed, “This year is my senior year in high school, and graduation is definitely something I’m looking forward to.”

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