Well, that was “brutal” (in the best way possible). Olivia Rodrigo just released a small clip of a never-before-heard song in her new Disney+ documentary, Driving Home 2 U. The heartbreaking acoustic track plays during the end credits of the documentary, with only a guitar guiding on the young singer’s raw voice.

“But I can’t write a song that’s not about you / It’s not fair, Baby,” sings the High School Musical: The Series star. “How come it’s so easy for you to forget about everything you said?”

The pop princess is well-known for emotional ballads that display her heartbreaking lyrics, just as her hit song “driver’s license” did back in 2020. The new song has a similar vibe and packs an emotional punch that is so effortlessly Olivia.

“Cause I still can’t call anyone ‘baby’ cause ‘baby’ is still you to me / Don’t you think I want to move on too? But I can’t love anyone the way, the way I loved you,” the “deja vu” singer croons.

The new song is a perfect end to the new documentary, which was released on Friday, March 25, that tells the behind-the-scenes story of Olivia’s hit debut album SOUR. The film follows the pop sensation on a road trip, recounting memories of creating the album with Dan Nigro, her producer and fellow songwriter.

“I just really appreciated the way that he was really constructive with my songs,” Olivia said of Dan in a 2021 interview with Variety. “He just kind of takes my songs and elevates them and polishes them up and makes them better. I think we work really well together.”

Throughout the documentary, fans see an up close and personal glimpse into the life behind the “happier” singer as she performs the familiar songs that made her the huge star she is today — all while telling the stories and the creative process that went behind each one.

“When you put out an album or put out singles, they take on an entirely different meaning. I think that’s the beautiful part about music,” the “brutal” singer told Rolling Stone. “It was really interesting to go back and watch footage of when the songs are kind of beginning to form. I think there’s magic to that creative process, and they’re really fond memories in my life.”

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