He’s setting the record straight! Joshua Bassett has spoken out multiple times and addressed the rumors surrounding Olivia Rodrigo and her January 2021 hit single “Drivers License.”

After the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series actress dropped her debut single, fans started to speculate that the song was about Joshua, her rumored ex-boyfriend and costar. Although their relationship has never been confirmed, HSMTMTS viewers were convinced the pair was more than just friends after the series premiered in November 2019.

“I totally understand people’s curiosity with the specifics of who the song’s about and what it’s about, but to me, that’s really the least important part of the song,” Olivia told Billboard in January 2021, addressing the drama surrounding the tune. “It’s resonating with people because of how emotional it is, and I think everything else is not important.”

As the theory goes, Olivia wrote “Drivers License” after Joshua moved on with his new rumored girlfriend, Sabrina Carpenter. According to fans, the Bizaardvark alum hinted at the former Girl Meets World star with her song lyrics. Both Olivia and Sabrina have addressed the track’s apparent meaning in various interviews, while Joshua stayed quiet. After the release of his self-titled debut EP in March 2021, the actor spoke out.

“It’s interesting just to watch people make assumptions, and I understand why they would, but not everything is something to be read into, and I think that sometimes you just have to let the art be and not inject yourself into something you don’t know anything about,” he told Elite Daily in a March 2021 interview, noting that the ongoing drama is “interesting.”

“A lot of times people will get angry in the moment, they’ll lash out and do something, and later they’re like, ‘Oh, I didn’t really mean that.’ The difference with art is that it lasts longer,” Joshua continued. “A lot of times people will make stories out of songs that maybe they meant for just a moment and someone was able to capture it in a song. It doesn’t mean it’s a forever feeling.”

Joshua further fielded questions about “Drivers License” during a separate interview with ET Canada and made it clear that “there’s no response to be made” to the song. “Whatever the song is to her is her thing to tell, so I’ll let her do that,” the Disney+ star said about his costar. “But I would say I hope people don’t forget the value that her and Sabrina bring to the world outside of the drama. And I hope people will look at the depth of who they are instead of just the surface-level gossip.”

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