Olivia, where the hell have you been loca?! Olivia Rodrigo sings to a bloodsucking, fame f–king “Vampire” in her first new single and music video after a two-years break. Since the song dropped on June 30, 2023, fans are wondering who this “Vampire” the Grammy-winning songstress is singing about.

Keep reading for a lyric breakdown, a deep dive into the song’s meaning and why fans think it’s about *insert ex-boyfriend here.*

Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Vampire’ Lyric Breakdown, Song Meaning

The track is about an ex-lover who was dishonest about their intentions, and used Olivia for fame and adoration.

“‘Cause I’ve made some real big mistakes, but you make the worst one look fine,” she sings in the chorus. “I should’ve known it was strange, you only come out at night. I used to think I was smart, but you made me look so naïve. The way you sold me for parts, as you sunk your teeth into me, oh bloodsucker, famef–ker, bleedin’ me dry like a goddamn vampire.”

The song goes on to describe warning signs in the relationship, and how multiple people tried to warn Olivia that her partner was “bad, bad news.” She sings, “You’re so convincing. How do you lie without flinching?”

Olivia spoke about how she wrote the track with producer Dan Nigro during an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 in June 2023.

“I wrote the song on the piano, super chill, in December of last year,” she began. My producer Dan [Nigro] and I finished it in January and finished writing it. And I’ve just always been really obsessed with songs that are very dynamic. My favorite songs are high and low, and reel you in and spit you back out. And so we wanted to do a song where it just crescendoed the entire time and it reflects the pent-up anger that you have for a situation.”

Who Is Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Vampire’ Song Is About?

Following the song’s release, people on the internet, as they do, immediately started to speculate who Olivia’s new song is about.

During her two-year break from music, Olivia was romantically linked to two older men: film producer Adam Faze and DJ Zack Bia. As “Vampire” describes an ex-partner who was older than her, because of the lyric: “Went for me and not her, ’cause girls your age know better,” many fans believe the song could be about either ex.

However, social media speculation mostly revolves around Zack, whom Olivia reportedly dated in the beginning of 2022. Zack has also been romantically linked to singer-songwriter Madison Beer for several years. One Twitter user wrote, “First Madison Beer now Olivia Rodrigo. Zack Bia trust and believe you will be dealt with.”

Olivia’s sophomore album GUTS will be released on September 8, 2023.

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