What is going on? A few of the Outer Banks cast members (and their significant others) are allegedly feuding after fans noticed that they unfollowed one another on Instagram. Keep reading for everything we know.

Is the ‘Outer Banks’ Cast Feuding?

Supposedly, this all began after a few cast members of Outer Banks had dinner with each other in June 2023, while filming season 4 in Charleston, South Carolina.

Some of those cast members included were Madison Bailey, Rudy Pankow and Rudy’s girlfriend, Elaine Siemek, who is a film photographer and crew member on the show. For context: Madison’s girlfriend, Mariah Linney, did not appear to be in attendance.

Eagle-eyed sans noticed that following the dinner, Madison and Mariah both unfollowed Elaine on Instagram, and Elaine unfollowed the couple, as well. On top of that, Rudy unfollowed Mariah. However, both Outer Banks costars still follow one another.

“So, apparently sometime between today and yesterday, the cast [of Outer Banks] had dinner,” a TikTok user explained in a viral video. “And that dinner didn’t go well.”

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Are Madison Bailey and Rudy Pankow Friends?

The two seemed super close when the show first premiered in 2020, however, fans have speculated that their relationship has since changed over the years.

ICYMI, their characters on Outer Banks, JJ and Kiara, *OBX spoiler* become one of the main couples on the show in season 3. That being said, most of their press interviews to promote season 3 were done separately. Additionally, fans have noticed that the two don’t post photos of one another, or like and comment on each other’s posts, like they do for the other OBX cast members.

Some viewers believe their lack of interactions could be due to fans “shipping” them as a couple together IRL.

One Twitter user wrote, “Y’all STILL ship Rudy and Madison? Shipping real people is already f–ked up but on top of that THEY BOTH HAVE SIGNIFICANT OTHERS and have literally stayed away from each other cause their gfs have received death threats.”

Following the rumored unfollows, fans were quick to compare the situation to another on-set relationship, former flames Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes. The OBX costars dated for a few years but broke up quietly in 2022, and continued to keep it professional while on the OBX set.

“Very curious actually between what’s happening between Rudy and Madison,” one fan tweeted. “Why are Chase and Madelyn (the actual exes) able to be in the same room but they can’t?”

Reps for Rudy and Madison did not immediately respond to J-14‘s request for comment.

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