Some people are not happy with Pete Davidson‘s level of protection! On Wednesday, November 27 a fan of the comedian took to his official Facebook page and posted the image of a $1 million non-disclosure agreement that the 26-year-old is allegedly making attendees sign before they are granted admission to his live show.

“I got an email today informing me that in order to see this show I have to sign a non disclosure agreement,” the Facebook post read. “In that NDA the signer CANNOT GIVE ANY INTERVIEWS, OPINIONS OR CRITIQUES about it in ANY form whatsoever including blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social networking. It also authorizes them to confiscate (including seize & destroy the contents of) any cell phones, cameras or PDAs and that ANY BREACH of the agreement will REQUIRE PAYMENT OF $1 MILLION in damages as well as the legal costs.”

The possible cell phone ban during the show wasn’t what annoyed this particular fan. Instead, it was the fact that whoever signs the agreement isn’t allowed to give any opinions on the show.

“I understood and was willing to consent to the initial request of locking up any phones or cameras brought to the event, but I think this a bit ridiculous and over the top,” the fan continued. “I get that comedians are protective of their jokes and don’t want their routines rebroadcast, but it’s rather Orwellian to not allow anyone to share an opinion on it. Don’t perform for the public if you don’t want people to have an opinion about it!”

Screenshots of the NDA read that anyone who doesn’t sign the document before the show will not be allowed inside the venue, but allegedly will receive a full refund. This particular tour date isn’t the only time Pete has emailed fans this document before taking the stage. According to Consequence of Sound, he has been requiring fans to sign NDAs since his November 7, 2019 show in Minneapolis.

What’s so secretive about the actor’s comedy show? Maybe he’s finally spilling all the tea on Ariana Grande!

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