Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Milo Manheim are an iconic duo! From starring in Prom Pact together to Doogie Kameāloha season 2, the two are definitely a successful story of costars-turned-BFFs. In an exclusive interview with the cast of Prom Pact, Peyton joked to J-14 about the “struggle” of working with Milo and teased the upcoming season of Doogie Kameāloha. 

What Is ‘Prom Pact’ About?

Prom Pact premiered on March 31, 2023, on Disney+, and follows best friends Mandy Yang (Peyton) and Ben Plunkett (Milo) preparing to take on an ’80s themed high school prom, which Peyton’s character doesn’t want anything to do with — at first.

“I play Mandy Yang who is a high school senior,” Peyton told J-14 of her Prom Pact character. “Her one and only dream is to go to Harvard and nothing else matters to her. She is incredibly driven and hardworking and focused and headstrong and the film sort of follows her journey growing up and growing out of that sort of tunnel vision mindset.”

Mandy soon meets Blake Draper‘s character, Graham Lansing, a classic high school golden boy and football jock, who isn’t at all what Mandy originally thought he would be.

“I think that with a character like Graham, the Mr. Popular jock, it’s very easy to go down the road of making him a one-dimensional character, that there’s not much substance to him,” Blake told J-14. “And I think that there was definitely a strong force, well, for me at least, to try and bring some dimension into him and to playing with some subtlety and just make him a fully-fledged person, really.”

Graham’s subverted stereotype of the “popular jock,” along with other caricatures that are seen throughout the film, was extremely important to Prom Pact‘s executive producer and Modern Family actress Julie Bowen.

“I think, to me, that was the only reason to make the movie,” she told J-14.

Peyton Elizabeth Lee On Working with Milo Manheim (Again)

“It’s really rough, honestly. It’s a struggle,” Peyton said on working with Milo not once, but twice, in one year, joking that she thought she was “done with him”
after wrapping up Prom Pact.

“And then he followed me to Hawaii, which was just a tragic turn of events,” Peyton laughed, before praising her favorite costar. “No, truly he is so much fun to work with,” she gushed. “He’s just this ball of energy and fun and happiness.”

The Andi Mack actress explained that while she’s a bit more like her Prom Pact character, Mandy, where she gets “intense” and “serious” sometimes, Milo perfectly balances her out with his sunshine-y personality.

“He definitely balances me out well in that sense. So getting to work together was super fun,” she revealed, before explaining what to look forward to for season 2 of Doogie Kameāloha.

“Season two of Doogie, there’s so much going on,” she began. “There’s so much fun and getting to work with Milo and develop a very different relationship from the one we had in Prom Pact was really special. So I’m really excited for people to be able to see both and hopefully enjoy both of them.”

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