With the birth of Instagram came the ability to over-edit photos, which sometimes results in a major fail. Over the years, so many celebrities have come under fire from fans for appearing to make some pretty major photo-editing mistakes!

Tana Mongeau has become widely known as a controversial YouTuber, so it’s no surprise that she’s been called out multiple times on social media after appearing to photoshop her Instagram pictures. In May 2018, the internet star famously tweeted about her love of one editing app in particular. “People keep asking, so, my skin care routine … It’s FaceTune. That’s it. That’s my skin care routine,” she wrote at the time. Although she’s been open and honest about her altering techniques, that hasn’t stopped her followers from pointing out all her edits.

Following an appearance at the People’s Choice Awards in November 2019, Tana shared a red carpet photo. Her millions of followers were quick to claim that she looked unrecognizable. Although Tana never explicitly addressed the controversy, a few days later she shared a separate photo from the same event. In the caption she wrote, “Swipe for a pic of me (with less FaceTune than last time) cause I’m narcissistic.”

While some stars have owned up to their photoshop mistakes over the years, others have used their platform to share the dangers of over-editing pictures. Lili Reinhart, for one, appeared on Miley Cyrus‘ Instagram Live show “Bright Minded” in April 2020 and explained why she thinks posting altered pictures on social media is amplifying body image issues.

“The idea of Instagram is to project your best self. I have always approached social media in the way that I don’t want to show the perfect version of myself because I could never live up to that in real life. That’s just not who I am,” the Riverdale actress said at the time. “It’s such a hard standard to set for yourself. I genuinely think Instagram should be a way to express creativity. But when it comes to your body you’re just hurting yourself, and the people that are looking at Instagram thinking that’s a body they can have, when you’re altering it yourself. Skinny women are shrinking their waists more. People look at themselves poorly. If an already skinny person makes their waist smaller, it’s frustrating.”

Despite the popularity of photo-editing apps, Lili urged fans to be transparent about their insecurities online during an interview with HelloGiggles in January 2020. “If you know that so many people out there are thinking the same things about themselves, it makes it easier to accept the things that you don’t love about yourself,” the Chemical Hearts star said.

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