Actress Lili Reinhart wants her fans to know that being open about their insecurities is okay! The 23-year-old just got real about why she’s so transparent about her “flaws” on social media. It turned out, Lili is a firm believer that not using filters when posting photos on Instagram will help build a community and support system.

“The more we share our insecurities and the perceived flaws that we have, the easier it is to support one another,” Lili told HelloGiggles in an interview from Wednesday, January 22. “If you know that so many people out there are thinking the same things about themselves, it makes it easier to accept the things that you don’t love about yourself. It builds a sense of community and mutual understanding with the people around you, which is incredibly important for making you not feel like an outsider.”

She also revealed that being a role model to young people is something she has taken very seriously.

“You have a lot of young, impressionable people online who are learning from watching celebrities and influencers,” the Riverdale star said. “I think that’s the role that you take on when you step into the spotlight, whether you want it or not — to be an influence on others.”

The Hustlers star also urged her fans to, sometimes, take a break from social media.

“Social media is such a rabbit hole, and you can get lost in a sea of people who are editing themselves to a certain perfection that they think they need to be,” Lili explained. “When you stop looking at that for a minute, you sort of regain a sense of reality and realize that that’s not actually what real life looks like. It can kind of bring you down to earth a little bit.”

Previously, the actress echoed these thoughts when she spoke out against photo editing apps, calling them “hazardous to our health.”

“Once you alleviate yourself from the pressure to conform to FAKE/UNREAL standards…the world is a lot brighter,” she told fans in a series of Instagram Stories posted on November 17, 2019. “I promise you.”

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