Get ready, you guys, because there’s reportedly a brand new “female-fronted” Pirates of the Caribbean movie in the works, and boy, does it sound like it’s going to be good!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Margot Robbie is set to star in the upcoming flick, which is being written by Christina Hodson. And get this — the outlet reports that it’s not set to be a spinoff or continuation of the story we all know and love, but instead, it’s going to follow a whole new set of characters “under the Pirates moniker, inspired by the long-running attraction at Disneyland.”

As fans know, the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out in 2003, and starred Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. After its worldwide success, four more movies following the infamous Jack Sparrow on his adventures came out, with the last one hitting screens in 2017.

That’s not all, you guys. This epic new flick is separate from the already-announced reboot of the franchise! For those who missed it, news hit the web back in October 2019 that Disney had hired veteran Pirates writer Ted Elliott and Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin to make a new Pirates movie. There aren’t a lot of details on it just yet, and it is unclear whether or not Johnny will return as the pirate we know and love, but there were rumors that circulated the internet in January 2020 that said Zac Efron may be starring in it! Yep, some reports have said that the film is actually going to be a prequel to the movies that are already out, and that the High School Musical alum is set to play Jack Sparrow when he was younger. Obviously, it’s all speculation until Disney shares the details themselves, but we really hope they do soon!

Jerry Bruckheimer is expected produce both of the upcoming flicks, and we can’t wait!

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