Have you ever wondered what it would be like to tour with the Jonas Brothers? Well, hip hop sensation Qveen Herby just spilled exclusively to J-14 on what being on the road with Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas was really like, and boy, did it sound like they had a fun time!

For those who don’t know, Qveen Herby’s real name is actually Amy Renee Noonan, and she used to be in a group called Karmin with her husband, Nick Noonan. Karmin actually opened up for the guys on their Live Tour back in 2013, and fans probably remember their hit songs “Acapella” or “Brokenhearted.”

“Those boys are just, wow. I hope someday I have boys like that, like as kids. They’re so sweet,” she gushed. “[Touring with them] was a great experience and I’m sure if we ran into them it would be like no time has passed. They’re just lovely people, and their whole crew, their family, everybody — it’s like a real family.”

When asked what her favorite memory from the tour was, the 33-year-old explained that she and the guys would play board games for hours on the tour bus together!

“After the show, we’d all hang out,” she explained. “It was literally like their parents and relatives and the band and the crew and the dancers, it just felt like a family affair and that’s really rare in the music business to have that. Usually it’s corporate or very label oriented.”

And get this — Amy is still in touch with the three-piece band!

“I think the last time I heard from one of them was Joe. They actually gave us a heads up because we did a song together right before they broke up,” she dished. “We wrote a song together and they dropped it recently, so we were able to say hello and congratulations. We didn’t know if it would ever come out.”

Since she transformed herself into Qveen Herby, Amy has released seven epic EPs so far, and it’s only the beginning. She’s got two more EPs slated to come out this year, and a tour in the works — so get excited, people!

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