Turns out, Hollywood really is a small town! After season 2 of Ginny & Georgia hit Netflix in January 2022, fans were surprised to figure out that Raymond Ablack, who pays Joe, and Rebecca Ablack, who plays Padma, are related IRL.

“Padma and Joe are real-life siblings. I’m shocked,” one viewer tweeted. “Only just found out Joe and Padma are brother and sister in real life,” added another, along with a crying emoji.

“Rebecca’s character, Padma, calling Raymond’s character, Joe, a ‘dorky older brother’ when they are siblings in real life … I BEGGED for their interactions on screen last season in Ginny & Georgia … I’m living,” a third fan chimed in. Keep reading to learn more about their brother-sister bond. 

Raymond, Rebecca Ablack posing for a selfie on the set of Netflix's Ginny & Georgia
Courtesy of Raymond Ablack/Instagram

Raymond Ablack Is Rebecca Ablack’s Older Brother

“It’s not lost on me, how impossible the odds were and how lucky I was to have shared a dream with my sister. Feeling grateful,” Raymond captioned a sweet post via Instagram dedicated to his little sister in March 2021.

Raymond was born on November 15, 1989, while Rebecca was born on November 8, 2000. They also share a brother named Jared, and a sister named Cassandra.

Will Raymond and Ablack and Rebecca Ablack be on season 3 of ‘Ginny & Georgia’?

As it stands, Netflix has yet to give season 3 of Ginny & Georgia the green light. That said, both Raymond and Rebecca’s characters are still very much part of the drama in Wellsbury, Massachusetts.

*Warning: spoilers for season 2.* 

In fact, Joe was at the center of the one of the most shocking twists in season 2 — his hookup with Wellsbury frenemy Cynthia Fuller! “I didn’t see it coming at all. But the two were good outlets for each other. I was very excited by that storyline. Sabrina is a brilliant local Toronto actor, and I was fortunate to work with her,” Raymond told Tudum, referring to actress Sabrina Grdevich.

As for his opinion on who Georgia, played by actress Brianne Howey, should end up with?

“I feel that Joe is the best partner for Georgia, but that’s only if that’s what Georgia is looking for or needs or wants,” he explained. “There’s nothing that Joe needs to exploit or gain from her. I feel he just wants to love her, and if that’s also compatible with Georgia, I think they’d be a good match for each other.”

Season 1 and 2 of Ginny & Georgia are streaming on Netflix.

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