Hold up – Ross Butler almost starred in Crazy Rich Asians? The 13 Reasons Why actor, who also had a short run on Riverdale as Reggie before getting replaced by Charles Melton, opened up in a recent interview about how he auditioned for the main role of Nick Young, who is actress Constance Wu‘s love interest in the movie. Yep! Before Henry Golding landed the role, Ross was in the running. Well, according to Ross, he didn’t stand a chance given his age.

ross butler


“I wish [I was in it]! I actually had read for the lead role,” Ross spilled. “But I think I was just too young. I mean, I was still playing a teenager so I can’t be a professor at a college. I don’t think I was anywhere close [to being cast] because I was still playing a 16-year-old! But I figured I’d read for it anyway and see what happens.”

Even though he isn’t in the movie himself, Ross is really excited about the film and the Asian representation it stands for.

He added, “It’s gonna show people that there is a culture that wants to see this type of story.”

Ross also explained how he related to his character Zach in Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why. You see, Zach and his mother aren’t super open about talking about his dad’s death – and it really took a toll on Zach. Turn’s out, Ross knows how Zach feels.

“That scene played pretty close to home for me because my dad passed away when I was 9. My mom, she’s the Asian one, we never really talked about it that much. She was open to talking about it, but I never felt like I wanted to. I didn’t think it was healthy to talk about it. Just the way that I grew up, emotional conversations were not a thing. I didn’t see the point. I thought I could deal with it on my own, and that affected me for a long time. I wouldn’t even say it’s completely a racial thing, though it is especially with Asian families — emotional conversations are very rare.”

Ross has previously opened up about why representating the Asian American community in the industry is important.

“As a community, we’re fighting for Asians to play Asian roles,” the actor told Mashable. “And then there’s the other battle which is Asian Americans playing roles that aren’t written for Asians, and I think that’s something that completely should happen.”

We’re glad Ross is a Crazy Rich Asians fan just like the rest of us!

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