Before Thanksgiving, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were full steam ahead with fully rekindling their on and off romance. Just days after news broke that Selena and The Weeknd had called it quits, she and Justin seemingly fell right back into each other's arms. Because of how quickly the heat had turned up, some Jelena shippers were expecting the pair to spend Thanksgiving together. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. They were actually hundreds of miles away from each other. Selena went to visit her family in Texas while Justin was seen playing hockey in Canada.

TMZ is reporting that Justin skated with a team of high school kids – the Whistler 'A1' Winterhawks team, to be exact. Apparently, a few people in close connection with Justin asked the coach of the Winterhawks if the "Sorry" singer could scrimmage with them on Thursday night. The players didn't know the megastar would be there. Can you imagine going to practice and all of sudden having to guard Justin? Talk about nerves.

Usually, Selena cheers on Justin during his games in Los Angeles, but she was nowhere to be seen in his homeland of Canada. Why? Because she was spending quality time with her family. Selena's aunt, Laveda Gage, posted a few photos with the star. She captioned the first shot, "Enjoying time with these sweet girls. Can’t wait to see them again in a few weeks."

Looks like we know who Selena is spending part of the Christmas season with! Laveda shared another photo and Sel is caught having a laugh on a swing set. It seriously is adorable and shows just how down to earth she really is. For being one of the most well-known celebrities in the world, when Selena goes back to Texas, that really all goes away. Laveda captioned the picture of Selena and her cousins, "Madison loves her baby sister!"

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Madison loves her baby sister!

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When fans of Justin and Selena caught wind that the pair didn't spend Thanksgiving together, some jumped to the conclusion that they had broken up. While anything is possible, we don't think that's true. It might actually be healthier for their relationship or whatever is going on between them to spend some time apart, in their hometowns and with their family. It's not clear if Justin was with family, but we have a feeling if he was in Canada, there was no way he didn't see them for just a bit.

The Canadian Thanksgiving actually takes place in October. So, even though he was home, we're speculating that he may not have been celebrating anything. If Jelena really does make things work in the long run, fans can look forward to the both of them maybe celebrating Thanksgiving twice next year. Once here and once in Canada! Sure makes things easy not having to pick which family to go to. LOL.

Now that the long Thanksgiving weekend in America is over, Selena and Justin are most likely headed back to Los Angeles before Christmastime. We're hoping to see more of their outings together during the holiday season. Who knows, they may decide they don't to spend any more holidays apart which would really send the world into an uproar if they gifted us with a Christmas tree selfie. But, until then, it's safe to say they just wanted to spend Thanksgiving with relatives. They'll be back in each other's arms before we know it.

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