If you were ever hoping to see Selena Gomez star in a movie-musical – well, we hate to be the ones breaking it to ya, but you can put those dreams to rest. We don’t know about you, but we just love it when our fave stars put their singing and acting skills to use all at once. It’s like talent overload in the best way, and we know Sel can sing, dance, and act without a problem. But it’s just not something she’s really into doing all at the same time.

“I don’t like blending the two, to be honest. [I am] a huge fan of The Greatest Showman. I have to say that was really fun, but I don’t like blending it. I don’t know. Just doesn’t work,” she said in a recent interview.

We owe it to movie-musicals for bringing some of our fave singers and actors into our lives, like what High School Musical did for Zac Efron and what Camp Rock did for Demi Lovato. And we’d be remiss not to mention Zendaya. We know her primarily as an actress, but The Greatest Showman allowed her to ultilize her voice in a way that had the whole world hitting ~replay~ on the soundtrack. Hey, it works for other Disney Channel alums. Just not Selena’s thing.

selena gomez zendaya


It’s totally cool that she wants to keep her acting and singing separate, but we’re JUST SAYIN’ she would slay in a movie-musical. Don’t you think? Selena went on to say that acting has always been her first love. But not for nothing – she did mix acting and singing in Barney & Friends.

The star continued, “My heart has always been in acting – but music has been extremely dominating in my life, and I am grateful for both.”

Whether the music and acting comes together or separate – we love it all, Selena.

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