The Jingle Ball concerts are currently in full swing and that means tons of artists are coming together to not only play for their fans, but make some new friends. See, many of these singers casually run into each other backstage or on the red carpet. With all this talent in one space during this magical time of year, it’s only natural precious new friendships blossom. That just happened to Shawn Mendes and the guys of Monsta X, and it’s everything.

During the Boston stop of the Jingle Ball tour, the 20-year-old happened to run into the K-pop group and tbh, they had the purest interaction ever. Basically, it was one giant lovefest where they just gushed over each other and when Jooheon suddenly stopped mid-convo and said to Shawn, “you’re so handsome,” Shawn replied, “thank you, you guys are all so handsome!” BRB, SOBBING.

And the cuteness didn’t stop there. The “In My Blood” singer, who famously is known for his forever perfectly coiffed chestnut tresses, went on to tell Monsta X how much he really appreciates their hair.

“I see your hair everywhere and I don’t know how you guys have your hair looking like this. They all look fake, in a great way,” he said, with the band joking that yes, their hair is all fake. It was truly just a cute AF moment you need to see for yourself:

Honestly, we don’t know what we ever did to deserve footage of this exchange, but we’re oh so glad it exists. Shawn has made it known he’s a huge fan of BTS, so clearly he’s keeping up with the hitmakers on the K-pop scene. If he wants to do a collab one day with Monsta X though, we are all about it. He gets along with the band already, so imagine what kind of fire song they would end up creating! Here for it.

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