Shawn Mendes has snatched all of our wigs with his music, figuratively of course. But for this fan, it was literal when she played a hilarious trick on the singer, and you just have to see his reaction.

The “In My Blood” crooner is truly the sweetest to fans, so when he complimented one on her hair, we weren’t that surprised. But when she suddenly ripped it off to reveal it was just a wig, we were all a little shocked. And Shawn was too!

Luckily, the fan, Monika, caught it all on camera which she shared to her Twitter followers on Nov. 6.

So here’s what went down: Shawn greeted Monika and some other fans at the airport before heading onto a flight. As they stopped to snap a photo together, he told her that she “looked amazing,” and her “hair looked awesome.” So sweet, right?

But it was a total plot twist when 19-year-old Monika revealed that her hair was actually a wig! The fan snatched the wig off her head and Shawn’s reaction was absolutely hilarious. He was so shook he actually stepped back in shock with his mouth wide open. “Oh my God!” he exclaimed, laughing.

“I just wanted to make you laugh,” the fan explained to the 20-year-old singer. It certainly worked!

Monika not only succeeded in making Shawn smile, but she also made most of his fans laugh as well. They quickly spread the video all over Twitter, and fans were seriously loving it.

“I cry every time I see it this is [definitely] gonna go down in history,” one fan replied while another added, “This made my day so much better.” A third even wrote that it’s “the best thing [she’s] ever seen.”

Shawn is known for always making time to meet his fans, even with his super busy schedule. Well, this will certainly be one fan encounter he always remembers!

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