It’s no secret Shawn Mendes is one super talented guy and at only 20 years old, he’s already left a rather impressive mark on the music world. So what’s next for him? He has said time and time again he would love to get into acting and it looks like being a movie star is at the top of his list. And he already has dreams of exactly what type of movie he wants to make, if the chance comes along.

During a recent interview, the “In My Blood” singer was talking about the cover he did with Teddy Geiger of the classic Queen song, “Under Pressure,” and when he was asked if he would like to star in a biopic, he admitted that although it would be scary, he would love to be in one. And he already knows which legendary musician he wants to play: the King himself.

“I would love to do a movie on Queen or any incredible band but that’s very hard, you’re taking on a huge task to not only try to do what they did, but do that incredibly,” Shawn said. “I would love to do an Elvis movie one day, I think that would be amazing I got the hair, yeah,” he said with a laugh.

OK, so Shawn does play the guitar while he sings, has a dazzling smile, and yes, has amazing hair, just like Elvis did.

Elvis Prelsey
Getty Images

Can you even handle the thought of Shawn playing Elvis though? The singer was known for those hip-shaking moves of his, so Shawn would have to break out his inner dancer. We have a feeling he would be able to handle it though. The singer hasn’t done much acting, but it’s something he’s always felt passionate about, even before he discovered his love of music.

“I wanted to be an actor, like, so so bad. I took acting classes, I auditioned for Disney, and then I realized how nervous I got with remembering lines. Then music kind of fell upon me when I was around 13. I started watching YouTube videos and singing and it became something that I was obsessed with. Next thing I know, I was fully in it,” Shawn explained back in 2017 in an interview with i-D. 

So maybe, just maybe, Shawn the movie star really is meant to be and will come true after all. We’re ready.

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