Aside from starring alongside Sofia Carson in the new Netflix film Feel The Beat, actress Shiloh Nelson has gained quite a following online by making YouTube and TikTok videos with her brothers. But what’s it like to work with your family? Well, J-14 recently caught up with the 11-year-old and not only did she say it’s “really fun” filming with Elijah, Judah, Daniel, Josiah and Micah, but she also revealed all her favorite internet stars!

“I really like watching Nick and Sienna [Casas]. They’re a pair. It’s Nick and his daughter Sienna and they make all these fun, warming TikToks and I just love it. I would love to make videos with them” the young star gushed.

When it came to sharing which TikToker she’d love to collaborate with, Shiloh said it’s Charli D’Amelio!

“I really like Charli,” she explained. “I would definitely love to make a dance video with Charli.”

Other than her dream collaborations, Shiloh also looked back at all the content she ever made with her siblings and shared her favorite video. As it turned out, she loves the ones where she gets the chance to cover her brothers in food!

“My favorite video would probably be one where all my brothers are sitting in a circle and I have this slushie and I dump it on one of their heads. It’s Duck, Duck, Goose and instead of tapping them on the head, I dump Slurpee on them! Then I have to run around the circle and they chase me all soaked in Slurpee,” she remembered, laughing.

@shilohandbrosDuck duck goose but the goose gets dumped with slurpee 😂🙈 @thenelsonboys♬ DUCK DUCK GOOSE – Dwilly

Shiloh added, “I also love the TikTok where I pranked my brother Elijah and I got him to slap whipped cream on his face!”

@shilohandbros♬ original sound – shilohandbros

Aside from pulling some pretty hilarious pranks on her bothers for TikTok, the rising star also appears on the Disney Junior show Puppy Dog Pals.

“I voice a little Pomeranian named Keia. It’s so much fun. It’s really energetic, tiny, puppy version of me” she said before talking about the excitement of playing an animated character. “I really just use up all the energy that I have — which is a lot — I put it all into one character and it’s so much fun. I’m just like bouncing off the walls and like yelling and it’s so fun.”

With a Netflix movie, Disney Junior show and successful YouTube and TikTok career under her belt, it’s safe to say there’s a lot more exiting stuff for Shiloh to come in the future!

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