We were all pretty worried when Ariana Grande was forced to postpone two of her Sweetener World Tour concerts due to an illness. We mean, we all know that the singer loves to perform, so it had to be something pretty serious, right? Well guys, it turns out, the reason Ari canceled her shows was because she had a terrifying allergic reaction to a tomato!

“My throat pretty much closed,” she shared on Instagram on May 29. “There is NOTHING MORE UNFAIR THAN AN ITALIAN WOMAN DEVELOPING AN ALLERGY TO TOMATOES IN HER MID-TWENTIES.”

Wow, we’re so glad she’s OK. And you guys may not know this, but tomatoes actually aren’t the only thing that the “Dangerous Woman” songstress is allergic to. She’s also allergic to cats, bananas and shellfish. Woah, she seriously needs to be careful with what she eats!

And get this — she’s not the only celebrity with a dangerous allergy. We decided to do some investigating, and it turns out, stars like Grayson Dolan, Justin Bieber, Miley CyrusDemi Lovato and a ton more all also have serious allergies.

Scroll through our gallery to discover the shocking things that your favorite stars are allergic to.

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