Ever since it premiered in July 2017, fans have been obsessed with the show Raven’s Home. For those who missed it, the That’s So Raven spinoff series stars Jason Maybaum, Sky Katz, Raven-Symoné, Anneliese van der Pol, Issac Ryan Brown and Navia Ziraili Robinson and it follows Raven Baxter as she raises her own kids.

Well guys, we had a chance to exclusively chat to Sky about the show and she spilled all the tea on what goes on when the cameras stopped rolling! Not only did she share a ton of behind-the-scene secrets, but she also opened up about the amazing advice Raven has given her.

J-14: Can you share some fun behind-the-scenes stories from on set of Raven’s Home?

Sky Katz: We started a tradition of smashing cake on each other’s faces for our birthdays as a joke. I think Isaac started it. Then one day Raven was like, ‘Alright. This has got to end. It’s getting a little too crazy.’ So then we stopped, but for a while a lot of us got some cake smashed in our faces.

J-14: Are you guys close when the cameras stop rolling?

Sky: Yeah, we’re like a family! I know everyone says that but I really mean it.

J-14: What do you guys like to do together in between takes?

Sky: Isaac and I, we went to karaoke one night after set. Also, in between takes we have this one camera man who is so funny. We always joke around with him, he’s so funny. I miss them so much, this quarantine sucks. I miss them. I miss work.

J-14: What’s it like working with Raven?

Sky: She’s amazing, she’s taught me so much and continues to teach me and inspire me every day.

J-14: Does she give you any advice?

Sky: Yeah, all the time! Personal and work-wise. Day-to-day things, like helping me with my acting on certain jokes as well as helping me with outside things like friendships and stuff. She gives me advice all the time.

J-14: Did you watch That’s So Raven when you were younger?

Sky: It ended in 2004 and I was born in 2004, but my siblings loved the show so we would watch reruns all the time.

J-14: What was your reaction like when you found out you had been cast in such an iconic spinoff?

Sky: Total disbelief and excitement. I was freaking out! I kept screaming, ‘My dreams are coming true! I’m going to be famous!’ I kept screaming and jumping on the bed and freaking out. I still freak out. I haven’t even processed it fully yet, I don’t think I ever will it’s too crazy.

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