It’s been almost one week since Sofia Carson‘s brand new Netflix movie Feel The Beat was released, and the actress can’t stop gushing over the amazing film — which made it into the streaming service’s Top 10 list.

During a recent interview with Elite Daily, the former Disney Channel star talked about the flick, and explained what made it “very different” from past projects, like the Descendants franchise.

“In a lot of ways, April’s story felt so close to home, more so than any other story that I’ve told, because of my love of dance and the arts is so similar to April’s,” the 27-year-old explained. “There were a lot of moments in a lot of the scenes where it was particularly emotional for me. My sister said the same when she watched it; she cried quite a few times because she felt the same way.”

For those who missed it, the flick is all about what happens when a “self-centered dancer, April (played by Sofia), is banished from Broadway and she grudgingly moves back in with her dad in her small Wisconsin hometown. Trying her best to avoid everyone in her tight-knit community, including her first love Nick, April is reluctantly recruited by her former dance teacher to coach the town’s misfit group of young dancers.”

Sofia also said working with Netflix was “surreal” and “such an honor,” especially after seeing the film trending at number two across the entire streaming service.

“I think it’s very different [from my past projects],” she said, about her first movie role since starring in the Disney Channel flicks. “It definitely does feel like a transition as an actress into perhaps more dramatic roles. I feel like I tapped into a much more vulnerable and raw and real side of myself as a performer.”

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