Get ready to laugh out loud with Sofia Wylie. On Saturday, February 15, the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star took to social media and released the first episode of her IGTV prank show Got Ya.

The 16-year-old triple threat is hosting the practical joke show where, in each episode, she’ll pull a major prank on one of her famous friends. In the debut episode, titled “Something Goes Really Wrong,” Sofia’s HSMTMTS costar Frankie A. Rodriguez was her first victim.

For those who missed it, the three-minute clip started out with Sofia explaining to viewers that Frankie thought they had plans to film a makeup tutorial, but obviously, he was actually there to get pranks. Once he arrived, the actress started to take him on a tour of her studio before chaos ensued. Suddenly, while they were walking around, two actual Hollywood stunt men started physically fighting in front of them.

Sofia put on her best acting face and pretended to be terrified while Frankie just looked super confused. After the fight was over, she revealed to her costar that he had just been pranked.

“You’re the meanest person ever,” Frankie responded.

He admitted to thinking it was a real fight when the men started yelling and hitting each other, but quickly realized that something was off when their hits started to look professional.

“Once you guys started throwing those professional punches over here, I was like, ‘I think I’m just going to watch this,'” he said.

Once they got all the laughter out of their system, Sofia told Frankie that he wasn’t actually there for a makeup tutorial. Together, they were going to learn a fake fight sequence with the help of the two professional stuntmen. Naturally, fans were stoked to see the two actors’ fake fight, but unfortunately they would have to wait because, according to Sofia, part two of the video would be coming soon!

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