Is Taylor Swift OK? The singer found herself in a super scary situation when a stolen car crashed into her Rhode Island house at full speed. OMG.

According to The Westerly Sun, a police officer tried to pull the car over after they noticed some suspicious behavior on Tuesday, April 2. But when the car took off at high speed, the police started following it. The vehicle then drove straight into a wall outside of Taylor’s house and ricocheted into the main entrance gate. The outlet reports that the car was going 35 mph at the time of the crash. Luckily, the “Look What You Made Me Do” songstress wasn’t home at the time.

The driver, Shykeim Edwin Lewis, 19, was arrested and charged with reckless driving by engaging police in high-speed pursuit, obstructing an officer, felony receiving stolen goods and driving when license is suspended or denied. There were three other passengers in the car who sustained minor injuries.

OK, how terrifying is that? We’re so relieved that no one got seriously hurt — especially Taylor. The blonde beauty is clearly doing OK because she actually made a joke about the whole thing on Instagram. And it was pretty clever, if you ask us.

Commenting on a fan’s post, she wrote, “Nothing good starts in a getaway car,” with the shrugging emoji.

Taylor Swift Comment

All hardcore Swifties know that she’s actually quoting a line from her song “Getaway Car.” Good one, Taylor. Good one.

But unfortunately this isn’t the first scary incident that the singer’s had at her home. A man named Roger Alvarado was recently charged after he broke into her New York City apartment. The 22-year-old reportedly stole a ladder from a nearby construction sight, used it to climb up the side of the apartment building and smashed a glass door to get inside. After he was inside, he allegedly used the Tay’s shower and fell asleep in her bed. Um, what?

And get this — that wasn’t the first time Roger broke into the 27-year-old’s home. He served six months behind bars for doing the same thing back in 2018. Thankfully, Taylor wasn’t home during either of the scary break-ins.

We are seriously so relieved that she’s OK.

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