Playing the mean girl! Stranger Things newcomer Elodie Grace Orkins character, Angela, who bullies Millie Bobby Brown‘s Eleven, is “completely different” than her real-life personality, the actress exclusively tells J-14 ahead of the Netflix show’s season 4 premiere on Friday, May 27. It “was insane.”

“She’s so nice,” the actress, 18, says of her costar, also 18. “I mean, just playing her classmate was insane and it’s just a really fun role to play because I get to be something that’s so opposite of myself. I’m honestly a very — I wouldn’t say meek person — but I don’t like confrontation at all. It was just a lot of fun to, kind of, be someone completely different.”

While staying tight-lipped about what people can expect from Angela, Elodie teases that she’s “a really fun character.” Before booking her role, Elodie explains that Stranger Things is what inspired her to start a career on screen.

“I’ve been doing musical theater my whole life, but then, when Stranger Things came out, that’s what inspired me to start professionally acting. Then, it was a full-circle moment when I got to book the job for Stranger Things, because that’s the reason why I started in the first place. It was just an insane experience,” she tells J-14, noting that it took her “months to fully sink in that I had booked this amazing role.”

Newcomer Elodie Grace Orkin Says It Was ‘Insane’ to Bully Millie Bobby Brown in ‘Stranger Things’ S
Courtesy of Netflix

Even though the show is a smashing success, the entire cast is super welcoming of newcomers.

“Everyone was so, so nice,” Elodie gushes. “Obviously it was a little bit intimidating because they’re family and they’ve known each other for years, and you’re this new person walking into that. But honestly, they made it so comfortable for everyone new walking in. It was just a really fun set. Everyone was just playing games and pranking each other. It was great.”

When it came to discussing season 4 as a whole, Elodie confirms her costars’ former comments that it’s the scariest season thus far.

“Honestly, I feel like there’s a lot more going on and there’s some cool different vibes, especially with the California part,” the actress explained. “I think it’s really unique [compared] to the other seasons.”

When it comes to the possibility of reprising her role of for the show’s forthcoming fifth and final season, Elodie would be more than happy to return!

“Obviously, I’d love to be, but don’t think anyone knows much about season 5,” she gushes, noting that she’d love to see the Stranger Things final season end with “everyone surviving and it’s happily ever after.”

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