Fans were left upset on Friday, January 31, after the Miami, Florida police and fire departments were forced to cancel a Harry Styles performance because of “extreme weather.” The former One Direction member was set to headline Pepsi Zero Sugar’s Pre-Super Bowl party and just before he was going to take the stage, a message flashed on the screen telling the crowd to evacuate the area.

“Attention: Extreme weather is approaching. Please calmly make your way to the exits now and evacuate the general area now,” the message read.

Many fans took to social media immediately after they were told to evacuate and expressed their heartbreak. Some people had waited for hours in line to attend the show, while others paid upwards of $300 for a concert ticket. Those who were in the crowd claimed that they were forced out of the venue and had to stand outside in the storm while waiting for Ubers — which had a price surge bringing the price to $120 for one ride.

“My sister & I waited since 7:30 A.M. this morning for [Harry Styles] & [Pepsi] had us wait for an 8:30 P.M. showtime until midnight only to cancel & leave thousands of people stranded in a flooding warehouse & the worst part is watching my little sister cry while they yell at us to leave,” one upset fan tweeted. Another added, “I went to the [Pepsi] show to see [Harry Styles] and this is what I had to go through to find an Uber because they forced us out in the storm. Didn’t even get to see Harry perform.

Shortly after the show was canceled. Harry took to Twitter and apologized to fans. He explained that they were not allowed to do the show “under any circumstances.”

Fans Devastated After Harry Styles Cancels Pre-Super Bowl Concert Due To Weather

Pepsi also made a statement on the social media site.

“As ordered by the Miami Fire Dept, Planet Pepsi Zero Sugar had to, unfortunately, be canceled due to extreme weather. This was a mandatory evacuation in Miami across special event venues. We are focused on ensuring everyone is safely evacuated. We deeply apologize to the fans,” they tweeted.

They also assured concertgoers that they would be receiving a full refund for the show. Pepsi also said they would cover all “ride share costs from the show.”

Fans Devastated After Harry Styles Cancels Pre-Super Bowl Concert Due To Weather

Previously, fans urged Harry to back out of this pre-Super Bowl performance to show support for football player Colin Kaepernick. For those who don’t know, the 32-year-old quarterback has not been a part of the NFL since 2016. He sparked controversy in the league after he knelt down on one knee during the National Anthem, to take a stand against police brutality and racial inequality.

Twitter users and fans of the One Direction member trended #HarryBackOut on the social media site, with some suggesting that this performance may go against the 25-year-old’s beliefs. As fans know, Harry’s trademark line is, “Treat people with kindness,” and he’s even been spotted with a “Black Lives Matter” sticker on his guitar in the past.

“Harry, this sticker isn’t doing enough. Say something. Do something,” another user wrote.

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