It looks like there’s nothing Harry Styles won’t do! For those who missed it, the singer appeared on NBC’s Saturday Night Live on November 16, 2019 and acted in various sketches. For one in particular, the former One Direction member acted like a dog and actually ate garbage — ew! Well, according to one of SNL‘s stars, Harry might have actually enjoyed ingesting waste.

During an appearance on Late Night With Seth Myers, on Tuesday January 21, Aidy Bryant dished on what it was like working alongside the Fine Line crooner for a full week. The actress said that Harry was “really, really great” to work with before revealing he was “totally down” to do anything — even if that meant sticking his head in a garbage can for the “Joan Song” skit.

“Was he an easy sell or a hard sell to play your dog in this sketch?” host Seth Meyers asked. Aidy responded, “He got right on d**n board. I mean, Harry Styles! He was so game.”

She continued, “And right away when he got to set, we were like, ‘You need to get on all fours, and I’m gonna dangle this garbage in your mouth.’ And he was, like, totally down. And then truly, the next scene we were like, ‘Put your head in the garbage can. Pretend to be a dog smelling garbage and put it in your mouth.’ And he was like, ‘Okay!'”

Aside from playing Aidy’s dog, Harry also stripped down to his underwear for another skit on the live show. He played the role of a funeral DJ and gave a woman named Betty’s funeral a special “musical tribute.” When loud EDM music started playing throughout the service, the singer ripped his pants off and danced in his underwear! Anyone else wondering when Harry will be back to host SNL again?

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