Got a secret, can you keep it? When it comes to Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, Sydney Park sure can keep her lips sealed! But lucky for us, we caught up with the star — and she spilled a little tea about what we can expect. And get ready for the season finale — because according to the 21-year-old actress, it won’t disappoint.

J-14: We heard you were a big Pretty Little Liars fan! Which original cast member would you love to have come back?

Sydney Park: I’d die if Shay Mitchell was on our show!

J-14: Be honest — would you rather live in Beacon Heights or Rosewood?

Sydney: I’d want to live in Beacon Heights because Oregon has its own quirkiness and quaint style to it, which I love.

J-14: Of all the perfectionists, which one would you hang with IRL?

Sydney: I’d definitely be friends with Ava Jalali (Sofia Carson‘s character) because she’s a strong young woman and has amazing fashion sense!

J-14: You tweeted a pic from the finale where we saw a glimpse of someone wearing gold heels and a gown. What can you tease about that?

Sydney: I can tell you this: The finale is not for the faint of heart. Marlene King and Charlie Craig have done an incredible job keeping the integrity of the original series, but of course adding a different twist to this one. It will not disappoint!

Reporting credit: Morgan McMurrin

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