Try not to freak out, Pretty Little Liars fans, but apparently, Aria and Ezra have a kid together. We know, we’re just as confused as you are.

Sorry for the reminder, but PLL has been off the air for nearly two whole years now, so of course, this new development about Aria and Ezra’s growing family is quite a shock. So how do we know the couple has a baby? Well, sit tight, because things are about to get very interesting.

Diehard fans of the series are well aware that the spinoff The Perfectionists — which centers  around the characters of Alison and Mona — is very much alive and thriving. That said, it seems like the new show is doing what they can to keep OG PLL fans invested because the most recent episode gave a much-needed update about all of Alison’s besties — Aria and Ezra included. GASP!

That’s right, folks! The spinoff is set several years ahead of the original series, so if you’ve seen the most recent episode, you were blessed with a rare glimpse into the futures of some of your all-time favorite PLL characters. If you remember, our last memory of Aria and Ezra is of them getting married, but thanks to a tweet from the official PLL Twitter account, we now know the couple has reached another major relationship milestone. See?

That’s right! PLL leaked a fictional text convo between Aria and Alison, and it reveals a lot — including the fact that Aria and Ezra have a little baby girl named Katherine Ella (named after Aria’s mom). Seriously, consider us SHOOK.

Like you, we’re super excited to hear that one of our fave TV couples are still going strong, and even though we’d love to see the adorable little fam get a spinoff series of their own, it doesn’t seem like that’s happening — or at least not anytime soon. Turns out, PLL isn’t done messing with our minds and hearts, even it’s been several years since the finale. Thanks for that!

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