After fans took to Twitter and claimed that she was not following social distancing guidelines, Tana Mongeau set the record straight. The YouTube star responded to an accusation that she “tested positive” for the deadly disease but has been “going out every night,” with an image of her coronavirus test results.

“@tanamongeau got tested positive for corona[virus] but she’s been going out every night. But that’s none of my business,” one person wrote on Twitter, so which she replied with a screenshot of her results.

Another person hit back at the social media star and said, “Negative what? It doesn’t say it’s for [coronavirus], so.”

The 22-year-old then posted another screenshot with arrows pointing to the medical test she took. The caption read, “My bad, my personal info is all over this document and I’ve never [really] had to tweet a medical record before.”

As fans know, this came after Tana received major criticisms online for going out amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

“If she got tested, she shouldn’t be out period. She doesn’t know if she has it or not: That’s irresponsible and SELFISH asf but it’s Tana so what did you expect?” another person wrote online.

The World Health Organization has reported that more than 12,400,000 people have contracted coronavirus so far. For those who missed it, medical professionals have called for “social distancing” to prevent further spreading of the illness, which is defined as “trying to keep yourself away from other people, especially large crowds.” Because of this many events, concerts, award shows, conventions and festivals have been canceled, including all Broadway plays and sports games. Not to mention that for the first time since September 11, 2001, every Disney theme park and cruise line worldwide was shut down due to the disease. People are urged to stay indoors, avoid public places and isolate themselves during this time. The state of California as recommended that residents avoid prolonged, unmasked contact with those outside of their homes. The virus has resulted in more than 550,000 deaths and has infected people in 213 countries. 7,200,000 people have recovered.

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