After almost a six-year feud, things are finally all good between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. How do we know, you ask? Well, the “Look What You Made Me Do” songstress just sent the “Roar” singer the sweetest peace offering ever. Literally.

Get this, you guys — Taylor actually baked her former enemy a plate of chocolate chip cookies! The blonde beauty even left a nice message on the plate for the 34-year-old, which read, “Peace at last.” Awww, how cute?!

Katy shared a snap of the gift to her Instagram on Tuesday, June 11, and naturally the internet quickly went wild.

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feels good 🧡 @taylorswift

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“Feels good @TaylorSwift,” she captioned it.

As fans know, these two have had quite a long and rocky history together. They started off as BFFs, but after Taylor accused the brunette beauty of stealing her backup dancers from her tour in 2013, things quickly turned ugly between them. They feuded for years after that — shading each other left and right, calling each other out on social media and in interviews and even writing numerous songs about one another!

But in May 2018, Katy let the world know that she was done fighting when she sent the 29-year-old a legit olive branch, which historically symbolizes peace. And after that, Katy even admitted that she was open to making music with Taylor. OMG. How epic would that be? And if that wasn’t proof enough that they’ve put the drama behind them, Taylor even added one of Katy’s new songs to her recent playlist. Phew, we are so relieved that everything is finally all good between them!

And it turns out, Katy isn’t the only celebrity that the Grammy Award winning artist is making peace with recently. She also issued a public apology to her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas for the time she blasted him on national television! In case you forgot, she called him out for dumping her over the phone back in 2009.

It’s pretty clear that Taylor is officially done with all the drama.

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