Taylor Swift had a HUGE 2019! On Wednesday, December 4, the 29-year-old was named one of People’s first annual People of the Year and in her interview with the publication, Taylor is opening up about all her accomplishments.

“This is the first time I’ve been able to put out music that I feel is connecting with people, yet look back on everything I’ve made and feel a quiet sense of pride. I’m proud of the things I’ve withstood, and I’ve been able to carve out a life for myself,” she sad in the cover story. “This year feels more special to me than any year before it.”

The songstress even revealed how she turned her public feud with record label Big Machine Records and Scooter Braun into a learning lesson for younger musicians. She said, “I’m in a position to speak out, thankfully, so if somebody who’s younger who’s signing a record deal can learn from that, then that’s a good day.”

For those who missed it, on June 30, 2019, Taylor took to social media and revealed that the 38-year-old music executive had purchased her old label and along with it, the rights to her old music —  meaning Scooter owned every song Taylor released before her most recent album this past August.

She also explained to readers what makes her new contract with Universal Music Group, different from the last one.

“When I signed my record deal with Universal Music Group, they agreed to pay their artists a significant portion when they sell their Spotify shares,” she explained. “It’s a hugely important thing to me as an artist because I think that’s our pension plan, and that’s our thing we get to leave to our kids.”

taylor swift re recording songs
Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock

That’s not all! Taylor also opened up about music and dished on what makes Lover different from her past albums.

“There was so much theatricality in the darkness of Reputation. It was secretly a love story, but it was also filled with angst, rebellion and this vengeful taking back of your life,” she said. “Lover ended up being the album [where I was no longer] answering to something. In the past, I’ve definitely used my criticism as a jumping-off point for creativity. With reputation, I’d said everything I needed to say. I’d been tried in every possible way people could throw things at me, and I felt like now I just get to create.”

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