It’s a “cruel summer” with Taylor Swift! The songstress is set to release the fan-favorite song “Cruel Summer” from the 2019 Lover album as an upcoming single, and a music video might just be in the works.

“The weirdest, most magical thing is happening. It’s never happened to me in the whole time I’ve ever been doing this,” Taylor told fans during one of her Pittsburgh Eras Tour shows in June 2023. “‘Cruel Summer’ is a song, I just played it a second ago. I don’t know if you remember. We had a blast, yeah? The one with the bridge where we all screamed. ‘Cruel Summer’ was on the Lover album. That album came out four years ago. And I just need to let you know something: ‘Cruel Summer,’ that song was my pride and joy on that album.”

It’s her fans’ pride and joy too! Keep reading for details on “Cruel Summer,” including lyrics breakdown and more. 

What Is Taylor Swift’s ‘Cruel Summer’ Song About?

The song is fully about finding love in the summer, even Taylor said so.

“It deals with the idea of being in a relationship where there’s some element of desperation and pain in it, where you’re yearning for something that you don’t quite have yet, it’s just right there, and you just, like, can’t reach it,” she explained during the iHeartRadio Lover Album Release Party and Secret Session in August 2019. “So, this has some of my favorite lyrics on it, and it was so fun to write this.”

Revisiting her love for the song during the Eras Tour, Taylor told the Pittsburgh crowd that the track “was supposed to be a single in 2020.” However, “when the real summer, life in general was so cruel it made releasing a song actually called ‘Cruel Summer’ seem like a not-so-great idea,” she added, referring to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taylor Swift Is Bringing Back 'Cruel Summer'! Song Lyrics, Music Video
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Is Taylor Swift Releasing ‘Cruel Summer’ as a Single?

Four years after it’s release, the song is about to hit the radio airwaves as Taylor’s next single.

“I’m not trying to blame the global pandemic that we had, but that is something that happened that stopped ‘Cruel Summer’ from ever being a single,” she further explained during the Pittsburgh show. “No one understands how this is happening, but you guys have streamed ‘Cruel Summer’ so much right now in 2023 that it’s like at the top — it’s like rising on the streaming charts so crazy that my label just decided to make it the next single.”

Will There Be a ‘Cruel Summer’ Music Video?

While nothing has been confirmed just yet, fans are speculating that there’s a “Cruel Summer” music video in the works.

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