New decade, new cast! That ’90s Show is coming to Netflix on January 19, 2023, a That ’70s Show spinoff which follows Leia ​Forman (played by Callie Haverda), the daughter of Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti. As Leia visits her grandparents Red and Kitty at Point Place, she meets her neighbor Gwen (Ashley Aufderheide) and befriends her along with other outcasts, deciding to stay for the summer.

J-14 sat down with both Callie and Ashley, where they spoke to us about how the cast became “family” and what it was like to work together.

How Did the ‘That ’90s Show’ Cast Get Along?

“I think we just became a big family,” Callie exclusively tells J-14, on working with her ’90s castmates. “I tell people all the time that we were kind of all on the same shoes, so it was definitely easy to just immediately get along with each other. We were kind of thrown into this world altogether and loving it and all doing the same thing. So we had a lot in common.”

The Netflix actress explained that she “found” her “people” while working on set, especially with Ashley and Sam Morelos (who plays Nikki), as they often hang out outside of the show. “We went to the Rose Bowl flea market a lot, and we’d get ice cream, do things like on and off set together.”

Ashley holds similar sentiments to her costar-turned-bestie, telling J-14 that she also sees the cast like her “family.”

“I mean, the friendships that I make on set, I can’t make those sort of friendships anywhere else because you’re with them all the time and it’s not like you’re just hanging out. I mean, you are hanging out down the street, but you’re also working.”

The young actress, 17, explained that since filming wrapped, the two continue to “stay in contact” and they hang out whenever they get the chance, since Ashley lives on the east coast while the rest of the coast resides in the west.

“I definitely make sure to make the effort to reach out to them and contact them and FaceTime or text because I think it’s important,” she added.

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Ashley Aufderheide on ‘That ’90s Show’ Backstage ‘Tradition’

And when it comes to her favorite behind-the-scenes stories, Ashley revealed that some of her favorite moments on set was a little backstage “tradition” the cast shared before filming every show.

“So, basically before every live show, all of us, Kurtwood [Smith], Debra Jo, all the kids, we all put our hands in a little circle huddle, and then we all shout our favorite line from the show,” she explained. “And that’s just something we did before every episode and just sort of a collective little, I love you to one another and good luck before the show. And so that was something that was really sweet.”

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