So much drama! The Dolan Twins have come under fire from fans for their alleged treatment of ex-best friend Ryan Karoly during the summer of 2020.

The situation started after the YouTube-famous twins uploaded a since-deleted vlog where they filmed a verbal altercation with Ryan kicking him out of their house after Grayson noticed he was Snapchatting one of their fans. After questions arose online about why the trio’s friendship came to an end, the influencer and ex-wrestler explained what really went down between himself, Ethan and Grayson Dolan in a lengthy YouTube video, uploaded on September 29, 2020. Ryan claimed that the twins kicked him out of their house after a fight between himself and the boys about a girl escalated during a trip they all took back to their hometown in New Jersey.

The YouTube-famous twins hit back with a reply during the October 3, 2020, episode of their podcast “Deeper With the Dolan Twins.” Ethan and Grayson took ownership of their mistakes when it came to their relationship with a “childhood friend” — later referencing Ryan by name — and explained that the issues arose because they made him promises that they could not keep. Grayson admitted to the Snapchat being “harmless” and explained that he “panicked” after seeing it. They also told fans that the argument between them “shouldn’t have been filmed” and posted online. After having a discussion as three friends, Ethan told podcast listeners that the brothers came to a “mutual decision” with Ryan that “it was time to give each other space” and ensured fans that “no one was kicked out.”

Most recently, Ryan responded to the Dolan Twins’ podcast episode in another YouTube video uploaded on October 21, 2020.

“I’m tired of being a victim,” he started. “To be frank, their podcast left out a lot of valuable details … They made it seem like as if this was just this mutual understanding that we were going to go our separate ways and reconnect at some point.”

So what really went down between these three friends? Scroll through our gallery for a complete breakdown of all the drama. 

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