In a now-viral TikTok from the user Justin English (@guacamolethong), he claimed that when he went to high school with Ethan and Grayson Dolan, they were bullies.

For those who missed it, Justin dueted a video from a fan of The Dolan Twins who said it “breaks” her heart when they the YouTube-famous siblings talk about how they were bullied in school and responded to her claims.

“It’s funny because I went to school with them and no one bullied them. If anything they bullied other people. They had humongous superiority complexes just because of Vine, and quite frankly they were the rudest people in the school,” he alleged.

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After another TikTok user responded and accused Justin of trying to “cancel” the “unproblematic” Ethan and Grayson, he responded in another video.

“I don’t think y’all understand the difference between holding someone accountable for their actions and canceling them,” Justin explained. “So, the intentions behind my video were never to cancel the Dolan Twins or comment on their actions within the past year. But, it was rather to call them out on what they have done in the past and how they haven’t been truthful with the audience that follows them.”

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As fans know, Justin’s videos came just after the brothers discussed bullying that they had been the victims of in high school during a recent YouTube video.

“There’s a video of us explaining our not-so-pleasant high school experience. It was when we were letting our fans know why we were moving to Los Angeles,” Grayson continued in the vid, with Ethan adding, “We were severely bullied in high school, I’m gonna be honest.”

The Dolan Twins have not responded to J-14‘s request for comment.

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