Sorry, guys, but Ethan and Grayson Dolan are not here for people claiming they look exactly like them on TikTok. That’s right, in their most recent YouTube video, the boys reacted to clips on the social media app of boys who said they resemble the Dolan Twins, and TBH, their reactions are pretty hilarious.

“Today we’re going to be watching every single TikTok that’s been made about us,” Grayson announced to viewers in the 13-minute video. “Our friends sent us a list of these TikToks that were made about us. I don’t know what they’re about.”

In typical Dolan Twins fashion, Ethan and Grayson had some pretty witty comments to say about each TikTok video and, naturally, they disagreed about a bunch of them. In one video, two guys looked like the brothers from the back and they totally freaked out, but once they turned around, the boys made it clear that there were no similarities. “Okay, not at all,” Ethan quipped. They also called out a boy who claimed he was their cousin in a TikTok caption and ensured fans, “That is not my cousin.”

Another video showed Hype House cofounder Thomas Petrou comparing himself to Grayson, and the twin low-key agreed. He explained that in some photos, they really do look similar.

Aside from making jokes about their “lookalikes,” the siblings also had to get serious about a few subjects while scrolling on the app. One TikTok showed a girl who seemingly found Ethan on a dating app and the YouTuber had to make it abundantly clear that they were NOT on any dating apps.

“I’m not on any dating apps and I never have been. And that’s some catfish s**t, and don’t get lured in by a f**king weirdo that is not me,” Ethan warned. Grayson added, “Actually all dating app stuff of us is going to be fake if you ever find it. So, do not fall for it. Do not try to talk to not me.”

Another video showed a fan using a picture of food that the boys’ posted on Snapchat Stories to find their location in Los Angeles. After watching that, they got real serious with viewers.

“That’s kind of f**king scary,” Ethan admitted. Grayson said, “Yeah, like if that was a joke then, like, cool.”

They continued, “However, it’s a little bit of a sensitive subject for us because we’ve had to hire full time security because of stalker situations, so yeah. That makes me uncomfortable.”

But that’s not all! The boys also announced that new merch is coming after a TikTok video showed one of the biggest fans repping a Dolan Twins sweatshirt. Yep, get ready for some new clothes featuring your favorite YouTube boys because they’re about to kick off a major rebrand!

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