The Summer I Turned Pretty has turned so many viewers into Team Conrad fans and trust us, we get it! As fans fell in love with the brooding, mysterious older brother of Jeremiah, we can’t help but think that we’ve seen his type somewhere else before. Scroll to discover all of the TV characters who are similar to Conrad Fisher.

Fun fact: the actor who played Conrad, Christopher Briney, was actually pretty nervous playing the eldest Fisher brother! As it was one of his first official acting projects he had ever worked on, he told Seventeen Magazine that one person who helped him calm down was the actress behind Belly, Lola Tung!

“Lola’s fantastic, she’s really wonderful to work with. She’s so kind and so talented. What was really nice is that it was really new to both of us. I mean, technically it was my second acting job, and it was her first, but it was our first TV role, our first adaptation with the weight of fans,” he explained to Seventeen.

He continued, “It really felt like we were making something for an audience, which can be really scary. To have someone like Lola who is really cool about it, and to talk about it like, ‘I’m kind of scared right now,’ or like, ‘Why isn’t this working?’ Being able to be friends about it in between takes, like, ‘I didn’t like that one,’ and then she’s like, ‘No, you’re fine. That was great. You’re fine.’ It just meant a lot to have her there.”

And even though we can’t get enough of Conrad, Christopher hilariously revealed that he originally hated his character after reading the book series!

“When I first read the book and when the script started coming in, I was like, ‘This dude kind of sucks,’” Chris told PopSugar in June 2022.

“He’s really rude and he’s not telling people how he feels, and that’s why he’s in all this trouble,” he explained. But as Chris explored the character, his own feelings toward Conrad changed, and he realized he was more than a brooding bad boy. “He’s just young and … just trying to keep it together for the people he loves,” he says. “Yes, he owes an apology to some people in the world, but he’s 17. He can make mistakes. He’s going to continue to make mistakes, and he’s just hurt.”

Scroll through our gallery for other TV characters who heavily give off brooding, mysterious vibes similarly to Conrad.

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