Fans of NBC’s This Is Us know Faithe Herman as the adorable Annie Pearson, but now she’s heading to the big screen! The 11-year-old actress takes on the role of Darla Dudley in Shazam! — and J-14 chatted with the star all about her exciting role in the superhero movie. From what it was like working alongside Disney Channel’s Asher Angel to some fun on-set memories, Faithe dished all about the movie. Check it out!

J-14: We’re so excited about the premiere of Shazam! What can fans expect from the movie?

Faithe Herman: I think fans can expect to have a lot of fun, excitement and their hearts filled with love.

J-14: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Faithe: If I could have a superpower, it would be the ability to fly or be invisible.

J-14: You play Darla Dudley in the movie — tell us about your character!

Faithe: Darla is the youngest of the foster siblings and is very caring and protective over them. She’s also very chatty and her favorite color is purple. The thing I love most about playing Darla is just her overall character.

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J-14: What similarities do you have with Darla in real life?

Faithe: We both like glitter, we are both the youngest in our families — and we’re both very caring. I can be just as chatty as her at times too!

J-14: How will fans relate to your character?

Faithe: I would say that fans who are little girls — and who love everything a little girl loves to do with her siblings and family — will relate to Darla. I also would like to say to the children that are in foster care, no matter what or who your family is, you can find love and happiness.

J-14: What was the cast dynamic like on set?

Faithe: It was amazing. I was the last to arrive in Toronto because I had to wrap the season of This Is Us, however, when I got to the hotel in Toronto — Grace [Fulton], Jovan [Armand], Jack [Dylan Grazer], Ian [Chen], Mr. Coop (Cooper Andrews) and Ms. Marta (Marta Milans) surprised me in the lobby. I think everyone will see the chemistry we have shine in Shazam! We hung out a lot off set. We had a karaoke night, which was so much fun. We would go to dinner, go to the mall, and Ian and I liked to make slime. We even all did an escape room with Mr. Zack (Zachary Levi).

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J-14: What’s your favorite memory from the set of Shazam?

Faithe: My favorite memory is the night I got a chance to do a fun stunt. It was so cold and late, but I had the best time. I can also say the school scene, which was our very first day together, because it actually starting snowing on us. Being from California, it was amazing to me.

J-14: What was it like working with Asher Angel?

Faithe: I watched Andi Mack, so when my mom told me that Asher would be in the movie, I thought that was so cool. I think something fans may or may not know is that Asher is a really cool big brother.

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