“Most of us would want to do it.” — Tom Blyth says the cast of The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is down for another movie, and we have all the details!

J-14 sat down with Tom, where he spoke about Billy the Kid season 2, his affinity for morally ambiguous characters and being the internet’s boyfriend.

“I’m always surprised,” the Hunger Games actor told J-14 exclusively on the love he’s received since making his debut as young President Snow. “I’m not on TikTok and I’m really not even really on Instagram, so I’m not like inundated with that stuff so I’m always surprised.”

The Hunger Games prequel film, which premiered in theatres on November 17, 2023, followed an 18-year-old Coriolanus Snow before his rise to become Panem’s tyrannical President, and his complicated romance with Lucy Gray Baird (played by Rachel Zegler).


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He continued, “I suppose it’s calmed down a little bit because, obviously, when the film is out there and it’s like the main film in cinema of that particular month or season and people are like, thats like the thing people are seeing, it’s everywhere.”

“So I don’t necessarily miss that level of attention I had at the end of last year,” he added. “It’s nice as well ’cause that means it’s touching people and people are caring about it, people are being moved by your work at least to some degree so there’s pros and cons.”

The Billy the Kid actor also revealed that he and his former costars all still “text fairly often” — and most of them would want to return for a second movie!

“I don’t know about a second movie but I know there’s, like, the will there to do one,” he admitted. “I think Francis [Lawrence] would come back, I think, and I would come back, and Rachel’s character, we don’t know if she’s alive or dead, that’s up to Suzanne [Collins]. But I know all of us would, if there’s another book to adapt, if Suzanne writes another book — I think most of us would want to do it.”

From playing one young tyrannical leader with complicated morals to playing another in MGM’s Billy the Kid, the actor definitely seems to have a sweet spot for the morally ambiguous.

“It’s something that I definitely gravitate towards,” Tom reveals. “I think, for me, they’re just the most human characters. I think a lot of characters if they’re written as a hero or a villain or good or bad they can feel one note, they can feel one dimensional. I feel much more interested in the people who [I can do a] psychological study on why someone does what they do, especially if that is something that I wouldn’t do and the people around me wouldn’t do because I’m like I want to try and understand them, you know.”

However, he does reveal that this kind of character isn’t the “only thing” he wants to continue playing, as he’s interested in doing “some lighter stuff” as well and “some comedy.”

“Actually season two of Billy has kind of allowed for that a little more because he is stepping up into like a leadership position,” he continues. “He’s a bit more easy, he’s a bit more confident and, like, I was able to find a bit more lightness in him this season so even though he’s vengeful it’s kind of fun to see him just like be a bit more easy with it.”

Season 2 Part 2 of Billy the Kid hits MGM+ on June 2, 2024.

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