Guys, did you know the BTS song “Louder Than Bombs” was actually cowritten by Troye Sivan? Yep, that’s right, the Australian hitmaker that’s responsible for tracks like “My My My” lent his epic writing skills to a tune for the South Korean boyband and, now, he’s finally dished on how the song came to be!

“My writing crew, the crew that I wrote ‘Youth’ with, the crew that I wrote ‘Bite’ with, the crew that I wrote so many of my songs with… The first song we ever, ever, ever wrote together, at the time, it was called ‘Hologram Hearts.’ Terrible, terrible title, and we wrote it and I was like, ‘Oh cool, I actually really like writing with these people. This was really fun,’” the 24-year-old explained during an interview with GQ. “So we kept writing, the next time we wrote was when we wrote ‘Youth’ or something like that, and we sat on this song for like six years, ‘Hologram Hearts’, completely, completely forgot about it. Somehow, it got into the hands of the BTS boys who I love, and they loved the song.”

He continued, “They were like, ‘Wait, we’re gonna cut this.’ And I freaked out, quickly tried to learn Korean, failed miserably. Somebody translated it, and I guess they changed some lyrics and stuff like that, and now it’s called ‘Louder Than Bombs’, but I didn’t hear it until it was out in the world. So I was like, ‘Oh!’ At midnight or whenever that album came out, and refreshing, refreshing with the rest of the world, because everyone is obsessed, as they should be, and now I have a song on a BTS album, and I’m really excited about it, and I love it. And they sound so good, so much better than I ever sounded on that song. So, I’m happy.”

There you have it, ARMY, a seriously amazing story for a seriously amazing song!

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